Comparti. Oreo

The importance of sharing your Oreo, through a animated campaign

CBF. Nike

Graphic and identity campaign design done for Brazil National football team, the Confederação Brasileira de Futebol. For Nike.

FOX Comedy. Fox Channels

Channel design proposal


A short story about the important things in life

Live the story. BBC

Advertising campaign design, that encourages young audiences to engage with the BBC World Service.

Taste. FOX Channels

We developed a series of graphic tests for a new food channel for FOX International Channels. We really enjoyed the project and made two options, very different from each other. Going from illustrative to surrealist.

Bad Signal

Illustration for a kid's magazine.

Selfie, The Nostalgia Machine. Pictoplasma

Collaboration done for the best characters event in the world.

Messi. Believe

Design proposal for the Messi's book, "Choose to believe".

Shit Happens

Sometimes we are up, sometimes not.

One Colour. Adidas

Proposal design for an Ad.

Good Life. Nestlé

Graphic campaign proposal for the multinational nutritional company.

Arena Seleçao. Nike

Logo design for Brazil's local shops

Adidas. Spring

Graphic campaign proposal for Adidas.

Play less. Say more. Faber Castell

Illustration done for a Faber Castell publication.

Body Call

We have enjoyed a lot doing our first music video, mixing 3D character animation and motion capture dancing, to make it feel really alive. Soon more!


Done for a skateboarding zine, as a methaphor of society.


I'm Tupin! Our first animated serie proposal for kids tv channels, an imaginary world habitated by a happy character, who want to discover the environment. More chapters soon!

Love. Coca Cola

Coca Cola joined the most important non-governmental organizations in Argentina to demonstrate, by means of little stories, how important it is to participate and gain solidarity awareness. The company decided to set an attractive screen downtown, right next to the Obelisc.

Rio. Nike

Probably, one of the most important cities around the globe in the current decade, Rio de Janeiro, would need a brand to represent the true spirit of the brazilian lifestyle. Mix of sports and creativity, culture and beauty, the city where took place the 2014 football world cup and 2016 olympic games, is the great scene of the whole new generation of the world.

Rio de Janeiro. Nike

Lettering design, inspired by the Brazilian landscapes, for Nike.

Batalha Das Quadras. Nike

Logo for football competition between neighborhoods of Brazil, for Nike.


Aesthetic, a negative value.


Colaboration for Yutaka, a wearing t-shirt brand, that ask designers to reinterpret their logo.

Humano. Film

Identity, brand and graphic design for film about the andine culture and the humankind.

Batalha Das Quadras. Nike

Canal Sol. Music channel

We have collaborated with a pitch for a music channel in Spain, Sol.The purpose was to create environments and situations where music, in all its possibilities, is the protagonist.

Food Safety

We returned to participate in the science and technology education event, the most important of our country. For this occasion we should interpret a cutlery company for children. So, we imagine a big character, fragile and transparent, full of joy, able to eat as much as it want, without limitations.

Unleash our potential. Nike

Nike needed a mark that help establish the look and feel of their presentations. A daring logo, aggressive, dynamic, signifying movement.

Happiness Parodie

Character proposal done for a kids cover book.

Aterro. Nike

Brand design for football contest in Brazil

Onomatopoeias. Coca Cola

Our Onomatopoeias Coke World, TV ad.

Sustainable energy

Illustration done for an exhibition about sustainable energy and science.

Fest Dos Esportes. Nike

Logo for sports festival, for Nike.

100 Anos de Classico. Nike

100 Anos de Classico "Santos Vs Corinthians", for Nike


Men are born free on earth; but they work on nature to get something out of it. Men lose blood and life, men never win. In an attempt to attain a new message, art claims and opens the eyes. Protesting design for those who struggle for their land and their bread. Thank you Atahualpa Yupanqui for the inspiration, for your words. This is our humble tribute to an eternal man, to 'tata', to the singer, to a man who waschased.


Brand design and identity development for a photography studio.

Vitamin Water

We did the art direction for the this juices tv commercial, for the launching in Argentina. A very fresh and modern proposal, where the bottles dances continously in a looped video, showing the possibilities of the flavours.

CB. Nike

Nike hired us to develop a brand for a famous NBA player.


Character desgin and art direction for a local juice's brand.

Sao Paulo. Nike

Brand design for the big city of Sao Paulo, in Brazil.

Wood Sculptures

Five letters, five sculptures. One concept, one Place. An exploration from the beauty of ugly sculptures.

Milstein tribute

Illustration done for a science exhibition for kids, about natural antibodies.


We've collaborated on '100 IND ARG - 100 moments in Argentina Industry'. A hundred of design studios and illustrators participated. It was truly an honour!. We did the 'Lusat 1', the first argentinian satellite on space.

Sileo. Hotel

Identity design for Sileo Hotel. A leading housing works of art museum. Located in Recoleta, historic district, culturally rich and argentine for their aesthetic itself. We create a stamp show from Argentina, the virtues of universal culture and art. This link the brand to the symbol of the sun Inti, the god of the Inca empire, the center of Argentina flag. The sun as light and knowledge, life icon, and creator of the universe for different cultures, beacon of humanity. "Sine Sole Sileo" in latin: Without the sun I'm silent.

Bem-Vindo. Nike

AF1. Nike

Art development for the 30th anniversary of the AF1 shoes, for Nike.


From the low we come, children of the sun, natives, merger of races, third world inhabitants. Colonized aborigen culture, former populations, indians, immigrants. Southamericans. Speak Southamerica, letter by letter, language by language. Feel, pray, kill, create, suffer, think and sweat Southamerica. "Sudamérica", a strong sans serif type, clean and bold, inspired by the old geometrical shapes and patterns that our ancestors created 500 years ago, a new spirit to alive what the colonizers destroyed.

Travel. YPF

We developed a whole commercial art direction with only two days. The animated piece tell the story of everyone who need to travel in Argentina and need to use the YPF Shops to survive.


We are full compromised with our real culture, the antique pre colombian design. To reborn the forgotten artistic movements of a killed empire. We developed our Aymara type, designing a contemporanean inca's typography.


Limited by senses, we raise ideals, contradictions. Behind the hidden, changing skins.


"Thinking wrong can be rigth" Album design and illustration for CAOS band.

Vault. Zune

Music videos are an alternate experience, a visualized narrative of music by it's very creators. Zune presents a whole collection for viewers to connect with their music.

EM. Nike

Sexteto Cardon

Our friends of Sextet Cardon, a folk musical crew with six members, asked us to help creating a brand. A symbol that mix the music with a difference touch of simpleness.

Magnetic Fields. Mtv

Mtv requested us a piece of short animation in order to use it for their video clips playlist. We created a space to play with abstract behaviors between geometries and their magnetism with the environment.

Commercial. Pampers

Pampers, diapers leader, called us to art direct an animated ad, for local shops, to communicate the new properties of the products.


Selle Royal, one of the best brands of bike chairs, hired us to relocate two brand products brands. The old seventies brands were to be completely redesigned. We defined the campaign name Origins to communicate the global concept. The whole identity system consist of brand redesign, identity, layouts, packaging, booklet, posters, graphic pieces, among others. A global visual key to create an urban and modern sensation.

Sugar Point. Brand

A candy shop brand proposal.

Responsa. Social Network

Identity design for Responsa, an online social network to share answers with the community.

Life Time

Illustration done for a US lifestyle zine.

Inner Senses. Bacardi

A concept art to represent the different flavors inside the bottle. A packaging development proposal for one of the best brands in the beverage industry, that never become true.

Human Rights

Nobel Peace Prize and Peace Activists conformed a jury to select the universal Human Rights Brand. A universal symbol for Human Rights, a logo that could be used by everyone for the promotion and protection of human kind. A great challenge of implicated imagination.

Arriva. Qwert

A graphic campaign, with the purpose to provide information and entertain a target of young children, by means of a close SMS campaign which would make them aware of healthcare issues at their age. A funny and colourful space where shapes interacted, with no approach to the world of diseases.


Don't mistake legibility for communication. Typographic lettering.


Lettering art for Fernet Fratelli Branca, celebrating the second argentinian century aniversary.

Popcorn Lovers. We Love Cinema

The spanish zine about cinema We Love Cinema, told us to do the cover. We thought of the parallelism between gold awards and popcorn to convey a critic message, a piece illustrating the supposed feelings between the screen and fans.

Snowdrop. Forsnowboarding x GraphicArmor

From the snows of darkness, an ancient spirit rises from the dead. The soul of the snowboarder's best tricks is reborn; the snow now its hell.

Nada. Identity

Nada, a production company tell us to develop their identity.

Controvertial Anatomy. Fluh

CD Demo for an experimental electronic band. A non-conventional space with physical deconstructions.