Comparti. Oreo

The importance of sharing your Oreo, through a animated campaign

FOX Comedy. Fox Channels

Channel design proposal


A short story about the important things in life

Live the story. BBC

Advertising campaign design, that encourages young audiences to engage with the BBC World Service.

Taste. FOX Channels

We developed a series of graphic tests for a new food channel for FOX International Channels. We really enjoyed the project and made two options, very different from each other. Going from illustrative to surrealist.

Bad Signal

Illustration for a kid's magazine.

Selfie, The Nostalgia Machine. Pictoplasma

Collaboration done for the best characters event in the world.

Shit Happens

Sometimes we are up, sometimes not.

One Colour. Adidas

Proposal design for an Ad.

Good Life. Nestlé

Graphic campaign proposal for the multinational nutritional company.

Adidas. Spring

Graphic campaign proposal for Adidas.

Play less. Say more. Faber Castell

Illustration done for a Faber Castell publication.

Body Call

We have enjoyed a lot doing our first music video, mixing 3D character animation and motion capture dancing, to make it feel really alive. Soon more!


I'm Tupin! Our first animated serie proposal for kids tv channels, an imaginary world habitated by a happy character, who want to discover the environment. More chapters soon!

Love. Coca Cola

Coca Cola joined the most important non-governmental organizations in Argentina to demonstrate, by means of little stories, how important it is to participate and gain solidarity awareness. The company decided to set an attractive screen downtown, right next to the Obelisc.


Aesthetic, a negative value.

Food Safety

We returned to participate in the science and technology education event, the most important of our country. For this occasion we should interpret a cutlery company for children. So, we imagine a big character, fragile and transparent, full of joy, able to eat as much as it want, without limitations.

Onomatopoeias. Coca Cola

Our Onomatopoeias Coke World, TV ad.

Vitamin Water

We did the art direction for the this juices tv commercial, for the launching in Argentina. A very fresh and modern proposal, where the bottles dances continously in a looped video, showing the possibilities of the flavours.


Character desgin and art direction for a local juice's brand.

Travel. YPF

We developed a whole commercial art direction with only two days. The animated piece tell the story of everyone who need to travel in Argentina and need to use the YPF Shops to survive.

Life Time

Illustration done for a US lifestyle zine.